In 2023, the EBMA leadership revised committee charters outlining the mission of each committee along with roles and responsibilities. It is the goal of the organization to simultaneously engage members and further the mission of the organization through committee opportunities. If you have questions about committees or wish to join a committee please email info@edupaperback.org.   


The EBMA Communications Committee shall support the management of external communication activities to promote the association in a positive manner, serve the needs of the membership, and assist in making the membership aware of important association information.

Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Support development of strategies and marketing work plan for informing members and stakeholders about the association’s programs and services
    • Support development of content for external communications
    • Review and edit external communications prior to distribution
    • Ensure that all marketing and communication materials reflect the mission, values and goals of the association

2023 Committee Chairs: Brian Buerkle, Lucy Del Priore, Holly Merriman


The EBMA Historian Committee is dedicated to preserving the history of EPA/EBMA’s inception, important events and notable figures. 

Roles and Responsibilites:

    • Supports the development and compilation of a permanent record of important events, past presidents and members to be housed by the association
    • Develops a strategy to showcase a timeline of EPA/EBMA events
    • Interviews original members, past presidents and notable figures
    • In conjunction with the Communication Committee, develops a strategy of how to inform current members of the history of EBMA
    • Ensures that past records, including photos are archived

2023 Committee Chairs: Brian Buerkle, Ben Conn, Don Reinbold


The Finance committee is dedicated to ensuring the sound financial management of the resources of EBMA.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Recommending financial policies, goals, and budgets that support the mission, values, and strategic goals of the organization.
  • Managing the organization’s financial performance against its goals and proposes major transactions and programs to the board
  • Reviewing and approving capital expenditures and unbudgeted operating expenses that, per board-approved policy, are above management’s authority but below the threshold required for board approval.

  • From time to time engaging a third party to review the financial accounts of the association.

  • Reviewing the financial aspects of major proposed transactions, new programs and services, as well as proposals to discontinue programs or services, and making action recommendations to the board.

2023 Committee Chairs: Susan Marston


The EBMA Jean Srnecz Award Committee is dedicated to selecting a book industry professional who has contributed significantly, over their lifetime, to the educational book market and displayed the kind of creativity and dedication that was valued in Jean Srnecz, EPA Past President (2006-2008).

Roles and Responsibilities:

    • On occasion present a prospective nominee to present the Jean Srnecz Award to the board of directors for approval.
    • Ensure that the nominee has a portfolio of work or contributions made that is on par with past awardees.
    • Verify a nominee’s willingness to travel and accept the award.
    • Write a citation to be included on a small plaque. 
    • During the annual meeting, present the award during the designated time set forth by the board.
    • After the annual meeting, write a press release to be distributed to EBMA members announcing the winner and contributions made to the educational book market.

Managed by EBMA Board of Directors


The EBMA Meeting Support & Logistics Committee is dedicated to providing input and advisement towards the development of the annual meeting logistical tasks and providing onsite support during the annual meeting. Support and advisement should align with the goals and needs of the annual meeting. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Provides oversight on pre, during and post task development for the annual meeting
    • Provides input on significant agenda and one-on-one schedule changes
    • Supports the development and orientation of one-on-one session pre-meeting webinar
    • Supports onsite registration
    • Supports author book setup during annual meeting
    • Supports the book donation selection and onsite boxing up of books and materials
    • Provide oversight on meeting logistic specific questions for post annual meeting survey

2023 Committee Chairs: Marin Foster, Holly Merriman, Nick Sykora


The EBMA Program Committee is dedicated to the development of the annual meeting’s educational content that supports the EBMA mission and is responsive to the needs of the association’s members and the industry at large.

Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Develops the annual meeting’s overall meeting theme, educational topics and publisher programming
    • Identify authors, illustrators, educators, librarians and industry experts who can present content and materials on identified topics and theme
    • Make initial invitation to presenters
    • Oversee the development of the letter of agreements distributed to invited presenters, ensure that what is offered to presenters falls within the guidelines for guest speakers
    • Oversee the development of the meeting agenda
    • Select final graphics developed for branding of the annual meeting
    • Review speaker materials for clarity and relevancy  
    • Facilitate at least 2 speaker meetings for sessions that include a panel; hold at least 1 speaker meeting for sessions that include only a sole presenter
    • Write a letter from the co-chairs to be distributed to members & attendees about the content in advance of the annual meeting
    • Develop a committee report to update the board at the May and September Board Meetings
    • Serve as an onsite contact and host for the presenters
    • Introduce presenters during the annual meeting
    • Review the post-annual meeting survey for accuracy and relevancy of program specific questions

2023 Committee Chairs: Nate Gretchel, Eric Heidemann


The EBMA Revenue Committee is dedicated to the recruitment, retention, member benefits and overall satisfaction of members and sponsors. The Committee shall perform needs assessments, plan, develop, guide implementation, and evaluate member programs, to include (but is not limited to) benefits, services and/or programs consistent with the EBMA mission.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Reviews member applications submitted, ensures prospective members meet criteria for membership
  • Presents applications to the board for approval during designated meetings of the board
  • Welcomes new members to the association
  • Conducts new member orientation
  • Recommends membership criteria for each member level
  • Reviews and supports development of member application
  • Reviews and develops member benefits
  • Recommends dues structure changes and member benefits
  • Develops member renewal letters and lapsed member notifications
  • Conducts membership recruitment efforts
  • Ensures that renewal notifications and invoices are distributed
  • Develop strategic goals and plans that support revenue growth for the association
  • Cultivate and maintain the growth of relationships with existing and new sponsors in order to develop and maintain their commitment to the association and its mission
  • Review sponsors and sponsorship levels annually to determine the best course of action for sponsorship for the upcoming annual meeting
  • Perform a cost benefit analysis on revenue pipelines to determine value of various pipelines and make recommendations during the budgeting process to increase or decrease the value of revenue fees

2023 Committee Chairs: Mike Beechin, Cheryl Dikemper, Ben Mondloch, Jim Marshall


The EBMA Webinar Committee is dedicated to the development of webinars that support the EBMA mission and are responsive to the needs of the association’s members and the industry at large.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Developing quarterly webinars or as requested by the board of directors
  • Determining topics and engaging speakers for each webinar
  • Work with EBMA staff to plan logistics for each quarterly webinar
  • Be available for a practice webinar for each quarterly webinar
  • Participate in each quarterly webinar as a moderator

2023 Committee Chairs: Eric Heidemann, Jim Marshall, Nick Sykora

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