• Marc Brown Ludington


Marc Brown
Ludington Award Citation

The Educational Paperback Association
2006 Jeremiah Ludington Memorial Award
presented to
Marc Brown
January 31, 2007
EPA Annual Meeting
Savannah, Georgia

For mining the inevitable frustrations of childhood with fresh inspiration.
For his kind and curious Arthur, who navigates them with family, friends, humor, and hope.

For inventing a community of animals as diverse as North America's children. For Buster's postcards, which celebrate these differences and cultivate tolerance.

For moving easily from art and storytelling to television and beyond without compromising his commitment to education.

For enthusiastically seeking new stories in the children he meets.
For knowing every child's life is material for an author who appreciates the details.

For earning an enormous, devoted following of young readers who recognize these stories as their own.

In deep appreciation

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